Public Availability of Authomate Personal Edition

03.firstscreenAuthomate Inc is pleased to announce public availability of Authomate Personal Edition, the easiest to use, authentication/password management solution and service. Authomate Inc. has built this easy to use, patent-pending, strong authentication solution, appropriate for a wide array of applications.

Authomate Personal Edition protects against phishing, key loggers and man-in-the-middle attacks with a unique approach to authentication. “Authomate has followed my precepts for a trustworthy approach to authentication. Other than being trustworthy, the intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to use. This is a solution my mother could understand” said Don Adams, Executive CTO and CSO of Trustworthiness Consulting LLC., (Former CSO, CTO-Govt at TIBCO).

Authomate Personal Edition is designed from the ground up to provide a unique combination of easy to use and security. Most solutions can be broken – often easily – if the laptop or phone falls into the wrong hands – but not Authomate Personal Edition. Some alternatives that are not so easily broken are more difficult to use.

“With a radically different approach to authentication, this solution is a unique blend of strong security and ease of use. The authentication is performed using the mobile phone network with no need for the user to remember any passwords. One scan of the webpage/client, the user will be authenticated instantly,” said Piyush Bhatnagar, Founder and CEO of Authomate Inc. “Your personal data is safe when you use Authomate. It is strongly encrypted and stored on you smart phone. No one else can access your data, even if you lose your phone”. “The Authomate Servers never sees your personal data”, he added.

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