How to Keep Safe in the Cloud?

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Cloud computing is an essential part of the new wave of technologies which are slowly changing things for consumers and businesses everywhere. Chances are that you interact with some elements of cloud computing every day. But do you understand what this means?


Cloud computing simply means, instead of having to install and manage software, data storage and programmes yourself on many individual computers, an experienced outside company do this for you and make everything available to your users via a ‘cloud service’. Strong Pass is a simple and effective way to stay safe in the cloud, whether you are accessing financial accounts or Gmail.


The ‘cloud’ in cloud computing is defined as the set of hardware, networks, storage, services and interfaces that make up the aspects of computing as a service.


Cloud services (which is the part you will use) includes the provision of software, infrastructure and storage over the internet and this can either be as separate components or a complete platform based on what you need to operate.


Instead of storing documents or other services and tools on your computer, you access them, normally through software you download or through a web or mobile browsers. When you login you enter the domain of the cloud service provider.


The cloud service provider is responsible for looking after the data and services that live in their cloud. They are also responsible for IT management and maintenance. That means that you, as a user of a cloud service, don’t need to know anything about the underlying technology that makes it work. You also no longer need to manage data and services across individual computers and technologies.


The problem with using any kind of cloud software, is how do you know it’s secure? Fact is, you don’t. When you give your data to Dropbox, or Box, for enterprise customers, you are handing over what can be sensitive information to a third party who can and sometimes do find themselves under attack (like the popular social media publishing tool, Buffer on October 26th) from third parties who want to steal users data. Thereby increasing the risk of identity theft, along with the potential financial loss and trouble which happens when our personal information is stolen.

With Authomate you will soon be able to ensure you are fully protected in the cloud. Our Secure Archive, which we are working hard at releasing for you, will give you that same robust level of two step security which you can experience across all your online accounts.

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