Keep Your Children Safe Online

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All parents worry about what their children are doing, and with internet use common place on so many platforms, it’s easy to see why parents are even more nervous today about online dangers. Here are a few tips to help you keep your children safe.

With the release of Strong Pass, we hope to give you one more way to ensure your kids are safe online.

1. Parental controls are a great way of controlling the content your kids can access. You can block selected websites and email addresses via a filter list and they also prevent searches of certain words. Child friendly search engines are also available (such as Yahoo kids) and will filter out inappropriate sites and content.

2. Set clear rules and boundaries with your child. Speak to them about the dangers and help them to understand the risks. Make sure your child knows: not to give out any personal information, only to visit chat rooms that are moderated (and under your supervision), not to meet any online friends without telling you about it, not to use any references to their age or gender online, think before posting, and tell you if they are unsure about anything.

3. Make online time family time. One of the best ways to make sure your child is safe online is to have the computer in a family room with the screen in view. Maybe even draw up some house rules such as internet usage hours and sites and activities that are out of bounds.

Above all, your input and supervision will be the key to making sure your children are using the internet safely – keep an open dialogue and make sure they know they can talk to you about anything that worries them.

As well as how they use the internet, you should know that their accounts are as secure as yours, which if you use Strong Pass means they can all be stored in your phone. Allowing you to manage their access, alongside keeping them safe. Internet security should be as commonplace to them as looking when they cross the street.

For further peace of mind: keep your children and yourself safe online.

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