The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Businessman is reading a book

Small business owners only have a certain amount of time to worry about things which aren’t focused around generating revenue or keeping current customers happy. One such thing is worrying about IT, and the cloud computing revolution is one of those things which we can help get you up to speed about.

Cloud services are estimated to be worth $16.7 billion in 2013, and many businesses are already using them to stay one step ahead and keep their IT on track.

There are many good reasons to join fellow business owners in the cloud, but first, consider how secure all your sensitive documents and account details are. Which is why you need Strong Pass before you dive into the world of cloud computing.

1. IT is someone elses problem. When you sign up to a cloud service, you get to use the software you need without worrying about installing it, maintaining it, downloading updates or keeping it secure. You also won’t need a server or any of the other additional IT investment – all that is taken care of by your service provider.

2. Financial sense. There is no upfront cost for renting cloud services. You pay a low, predictable, flat-rate monthly fee per user for the software that you use; and that means that you can scale your rented services up or down in line with your business needs – keeping better control of your costs.

3. Up to date software. Unlike software you purchase and install, with cloud services you always have access to the latest versions of the software you use. Depending on who you work with and what you need, you should have almost immediate access to new versions of software via your service provider.

4. Flexibility. Your cloud services are accessed via the internet, so you can access everything you need, wherever you are. You can also share access to your cloud spaces and use this to collaborate with your colleagues remotely, work on shared documents together and even expand the service to your clients to make it easier to communicate.

5. Security. Your cloud provider will have better security than you can ever hope to afford. They store your data safely and securely so if a disaster happens, your data is safe and you can access it straight away from another machine online.

Only problem is with that last one. Cloud services are affordable, flexible, easy to use, and easy to get: but for those who know how, are they easy to get into? Cyber attacks are becoming more common and more sophisticated, even against the US government. By comparison, no cloud company can guarantee the security of your documents.

We can, by putting an added layer of protection in your hands, which no third-party threat can get around, because the solution is literally in your hands – on your smartphone. Our Secure Archive will ensure your documents are safe, before you store them in the cloud.

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