Help! My phone has been stolen! Am I still secure?

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If you take preventative steps to always protect yourself, then if the worse case scenario happens and your phone is stolen, you are still secure.

So many of us live by our smartphones these days and the thought of losing it or having it stolen causes more trauma for us than just data security. But it’s important to remember how much of your personal data can be accessed from your phone, and how many of your important account details. It may not be your biggest worry straight away, but acting quickly could save you countless hours of worry later on.

Here’s what to do:

1. Disable your account. Contact your service provider immediately to let them know your phone has been stolen and have them disable it immediately. If you don’t, your thief could be making hundreds of unauthorised calls that you could be financially responsible for.

2. Track it. Many phone providers have apps that allow you to track your phone’s location via GPS so it can be recovered. Some websites will even alert you if your phone is found.

3. Secure wipe. Enable remote locate, lock and wipe services through your phone provider, then if it’s lost or stolen you can wipe it clean with a remote command.

4. Prevention. Always have a password / screen lock. It takes 10 attempts to access a phone in the first place, so a thief has 10 chances, making it highly unlikely – but when it comes to security, you can never be too careful. Back up your data regularly. Use two step security. An extra step here could be the use of a security management app, like Authomate Strong Pass. This will give you an added level of security to protect your accounts and your information.

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