5 ways you could become a victim of identity theft

08 Authomate Blog 8 - ImageThere have been countless media stories about the horrors of identity theft. But how do people become victims?

Here are 5 ways you could become a victim – so you can avoid them.

  1. Unsafe surfing. The easiest way to become a victim is to completely let your guard down. Use firewalls, protective software, be aware of the things that might put you at risk and the information you share. Also where you share it – for example, don’t do your online banking on a public or shared computer.
  2. Inadequate antivirus and anti-spyware protection. Having nothing in place to alert you to risks puts you in danger of not knowing you’ve been hacked until it’s too late. System updates and good antivirus protection might feel time-consuming and expensive, but when you compare that with the cost of someone potentially hacking your accounts?
  3. Unknown attachments. Opening attachments from strangers may feel like a minor issue, but doing this can open a door to a Trojan horse or virus. If you’re not expecting anything and you don’t know the sender – don’t open it.
  4. You’ve got mail. Some people have become victims from documents through their mail box – bank statements, cheques, credit card statements all give thieves a window into your identity. Remember to shred unwanted personal documents and paying and banking online, with the right security, could be safer than dropping your personal information into a mailbox.
  5. Too good to be true? Surprisingly, some people fill out their bank details when asked in those emails we all get from relatives of unfortunate people stuck in war zones looking to transfer large amounts of money into the West, in return for a small percentage. Please avoid doing this. You will without a doubt become a victim of identity theft.

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