Our Predictions For Online Security in 2014

04 Authomate Blog 4 - ImageWith 2014 only around the corner and 2013 drawing to a close, we think now is the time to take your own security seriously. Here’s some of our predictions for online security in 2014:

1. Increase in two-factor authentication. More and more individuals are having their email, social media and other accounts compromised because of weak passwords and inadequate online security. In 2014, more businesses will be making two-factor authentication mandatory for your safety.

2. The move towards creating the ‘internet of things,’ requires the ‘security of everything’. Unfortunately, this means that the things in your life that have traditionally out of reach to criminals are now in reach. In 2014 you will need to be more resilient online and ask yourself: Could you tell if your information or accounts were compromised? We also need to think beyond our computing devices when asking this question and also think about our cars, gadgets, even our appliances.

3. People will be more active about protecting their private information. There have been countless privacy issues in the media in 2013 and there is a growing concern whether site provided privacy options actually provide any real security. People will look for new ways to protect themselves in 2014, sidestepping the standard provisions for something more robust.

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