Authomate Inc Announces Closing of Pre-Angel Round

Authomate Inc is pleased to announce that it has closed a sizable pre-angel funding round in first week of January 2015. “Ever since the core patent was assigned to Authomate in June/July 2014, there has been substantial increase in investor interest in Authomate and its potential. We spent the second half of 2014, trying to find the right set of advisors and pre-angel investors that will help Authomate and the team to grow. Today I am thrilled that we have secured a sizable pre-angel round and have put the right foot forward to make 2015 a stellar year for Authomate” said Piyush Bhatnagar, Founder and CEO of Authomate Inc.

Authomate exists to simplify security and bring strong authentication to every aspect of your life without any added complexity. Your on-line safety is at the heart and passion of what we do.

Established in 2012 and based in New Jersey, we have a driving goal of providing secure access to what matters most to you, and a passion to defeat the notion that security breaches have become inevitable. Built by a team with decades of security, infrastructure, defense and intelligence experience, we have collaborated to create a foundational and game changing patented authentication technology.

More exciting news coming soon.
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